Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ok, This? Is Awesomeness.

I have just discovered that Amazon has a Grocery Department.

Seriously. You can do your grocery shopping at Amazon. And it will ship for free (orders over $25). And there is even a Clearance department.

Discount food with free shipping? I am well on my way to never ever having to leave the house again.

My mother will go into convulsions of horror. She pops over to the grocery store pretty much daily, to get the fresh items she needs to whip up her little gourmet delights. [Why did she never cook like that when I was growing up?] She is constantly telling me how easy it would be for me to put together delicious meals for myself and the kids, using things like extra-virgin olive oil and fresh-ground pepper and little sprinkles of twelve different fresh-cut vegetables or something made using parchment paper (really, what the hell is parchment paper really for? I always thought it was something for writing) when we both know I'm gonna mostly be serving things with main ingredients that were frozen. Possibly covered with a bunch of spices I've had for ten years. Because replacing your spices every year is right up there in my priority list with replacing bras every six months or sneakers every 500 miles, or makeup every three months, or a new bath pouf every thirty days. As in, not gonna happen. Gonna use it till it DIES.

I can't wait to tell her I'm doing my main shopping through Amazon. mk


Anonymous said...

Your mother is going to be soooo not happy with you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I still use a thing of oregano that I bought before Bill and I got married 12 YEARS agol. Still tastes fine to me!!

Anonymous said...

Parchment paper is to allow you to bake 47 batches of Christmas cookies without washing the cookie sheets. Good stuff.

Stephanie mama drama said...


Okay, email me if you like this. If so, this may be the answer to many of my time-management quandries!!