Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Unsolicited Review

Felt inspired to give my unsolicited and unpaid opinion about a random product that nobody really cares that I'm trying. Exciting, huh?

Today it's Bacardi Silver Pomegranate Mojito. I have a friend from high school currently living in D.C. who is very fond of mojitos, and I've been meaning to try a mojito for quite some time. I'm not quite sure about the idea of mixing lime and mint, but he's really quite enthusiastic about them, so...

When I was doing the grocery shopping on Monday, I passed a display of Mojitos and Pomegranate Mojitos. I was in the mood for some Smirnoff Ice, but figured what the heck, I'd give these a try. Still not sure about the lime-mint mix, so I grabbed the pomegranate. I do like pomegranate. ($8 a six-pack, btw)

Wednesday night, kids are gone, perfect night to try them out. If they're really, really good, me & a six-pack, yes, could be quite fun.

Yeah. Not so much.

Quite a crisp feel to it, but although I couldn't taste the mint while I was actually drinking it, as soon as I swallowed there was an overwhelming flavor of mint. I almost felt like exhaling loudly like a mouthwash commercial.

Got through the bottle, but I've got five more of those things and I really am not that excited about going to grab another one. Hint for next time: until you know if you like something, get ONE.

I think I'll stick to my Smirnoff Ice, thanks. (which, dammit, I did not pick up, in favor of these)

And there you have it. My unsolicited, random opinion. Your mileage may vary. mk


Anonymous said...

yuck. save one for me though.

Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I think I'm the only one in America who likes those things.

markira said...
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markira said...


Depends on how long it takes you to come visit. I'll hold 'em as long as I can, but as there is currently no rum OR vodka in the house, I may be desperate enough to keep drinking them.


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