Sunday, March 30, 2008

This Took Some Nerve

OK, not even my story, but I have just got to share this one.

So, someone I am very good friends with is having a wedding, and in the course of determining desserts for the receptions has come across a really great company that makes lots of little delectables. After much back-and-forth with the company, she narrowed down her choices and requested samples.

The company realized that they didn't have a physical mailing address for my friend, and so called to get this address. My friend also owns a business, and during office hours her phone is routed to her office manager.

The office manager took the call requesting my friend's physical address, which the office manager did not know offhand. So she offered her own address for the samples to be delivered to, and said that she would then bring them to my friend. (ok, first off? get the real address. don't offer to have stuff sent to your house, when you have nothing really to do with the transaction other than you answered the phone.)

The samples arrived....and here is where it gets really outrageous. The office manager OPENED the package of samples.....AND ATE HALF.

What the HELL. This woman has some serious boundary issues. How do you even begin to deal with that if you are the bride and groom? Not to mention how you would explain that to the bakery, that you needed more samples because your office manager ate them before she gave them to you?

Anyway, wanted to share, because I was just so appalled. Really, in what twisted world do you have to live to think that this would ever be okay to do? mk


Stephanie mama drama said...

Raised by wolves. Totally.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but that's kind of funny.

The Beast Mom said...

That IS rude. AlTHOUGH, if a bitty LEMON cake sample had come across my desk, not that I would have given my own address or some other such stupid action, I might have to have a nibble. Didn't she learn how to eat off the bottom of a sweet so as to not give away the taste test? I personally have never, ever done this of course. Just wondering...

:) bm