Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Quarterfinal Win!

Boys won their quarterfinal game tonight, 50-44. Semifinals are tomorrow night. I actually kept the score book for the other team for the game, first time I've done that. There's a lot to keep track of! But boy, I learned a lot more about the game in a short time. :)

Today's been pretty busy. I had a minute to figure out what the leak in my kitchen sink was, and Dad picked up a part while Mom and I were out doing some Christmas stocking shopping, and now I just have to install it. Car also caused me some trouble today, but I managed to trick it into starting, and it is temporarily behaving itself again. Picked up the cables I need to install Internet in Mark's room. Also got the stuff I need for teacher gifts. I'm making up little packages of popcorn cobs, which I got at a local farm stand. They're really cool, you put the entire cob in a small paper bag and put it in the microwave for 4-5 minutes, it pops right off the cob. So I'm bundling the cobs with a paper bag, wrapping it all in raffia twine with instructions. It's fun.

Oh, and first thing right off this morning, Kira forgot her shoes. So she calls me when I'm right out of the shower, and I needed to go bring them to her *right then*, because today is Santa Lucia Day**, and the procession at school started at 9, and it would have really sucked if she had to do it in her extremely bright pink snowboots. (They're supposed to wear as much white as possible....Kira had on a white peasant skirt and a very pale blue short-sleeved sweater.) While I was at it I delivered a pile of coats and stuff I had for the Coats for Kids drive the Student Council is putting on. (and yay! that stuff is out of the van finally!)

**Santa Lucia Day is a national holiday in the Scandinavian countries, a Festival of Light. It is celebrated on December 13, and is dedicated to St. Lucy. Girls wear white (boys, too, if they can), and are supposed to have candles in their hair (although we don't do that here). They proceed through the school singing a song and distributing special cookies to each classroom. (only grades K-2, I think, do this at our school....they deliver to the rest of the classes.)

Anyway, now I'm off for a break. Will check in later or something. mk


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for my corn cob! ;) -R

P.S. Your blog is awesome, and you are such a great writer.

markira said...

oops. I forgot about this post. Well, so much for the surprise factor, huh?

Thanks for all the comments (and the compliment!) mk