Monday, December 11, 2006

Nonsense Ramblings

Well, just about everybody in my little blogworld is sick. I do not actually have this flu that is going around (and please wash your hands before you come near me, okay?). I *am* however, PMS'ing in a major way, and today I think I am pretty much eating the world. Yes, the entire world. In fact, if you tune in to your local Emergency Broadcast System, you will notice that there is an evacuation warning for your area because I should be eating your town in about a half an hour.

Now mind you, there isn't any decent food in my house, so I haven't even been enjoying this ceaseless binge. Neither have I been able to stop myself. Among many, MANY other things today, I think I've eaten half of the monstrously large bag of organic herbal popcorn I brought home from a Brownie meeting a few weeks ago (that says right on it: 'for your health, and the health of the planet'...for the PLANET, mind you! That is powerful popcorn.) And each time I go back for some more, I have this little mental dialogue going on: you don't want this, you're not even hungry, what the hell are you doing, for god's sake stop it, just stop it and the PMS just says back: feed me. feed me NOW and I might not turn you into a raving horror show this month. And the PMS wins, because, really, you can't argue with it, it will just get you back by turning you into the Exorcist girl, although it's probably going to do that anyway, but on the off chance that a sacrifice will appease it...gimme the popcorn.

I *am* cooking a fairly good dinner tonight, which I haven't done in forever. I like to blame it on basketball season, but really, there have been a whole lot of nights just like this one, where I could cook dinner in between the time I drop off and pick up Mark from practice. But tonight, we feast! I'm making stuffed pork chops. Burned the hell out of my hands while I was doing it, of course. You know, boiling hot stuffing, bare hands. Idiot. Klutzo. But it's going to be yummy. And I'm not even allowing myself to listen to Kira whining, "But I haaaaaaaaaaate stuffing!" I *know* she hates stuffing. But y'know what? I LOVE stuffing, and I'm gonna make it anyway! HA!

My Christmas cards are finally out. Finished 'em up yesterday and had Kira stick 'em in the mailbox this morning. Usually I have them out right after Thanksgiving, but this year has been weird for me. I'm not even done with my shopping. Which I absolutely need to finish this week. sigh. I also have to take my sister to finish her shopping, and the kids have some to do.....blah!

The tree is up, though, and decorated. We have a faux tree this year, picked it up on clearance last year after XMas, and it is a spectacular fake, let me tell you. The kids came home from X's last night and the tree was all up. Mark was sitting there, looking at it, and he sighed and said, "I'm so glad we get a real tree." At which point I had to break it to him: "It's not real." He got up and put his hands all over it before he believed me, at which point he then tried to recover: "Well, from a *distance*...." ["Distance! You had to TOUCH IT."]

The kids do the tree decorating each year. And every year, leading up to the getting of the tree, I am afraid that I do not have enough ornaments, because the total ornaments for my tree fits into one handled basket, about medium-breadbox-size. And every year, the kids put them on, and it looks beautiful. This year no exception. (And with the added bonus of no guilt over never remembering to water the tree!)

OK, I need to make sure that dinner is not burning or anything, because I am in such need of a real home-cooked meal tonight that if I frig this up I might just cry. And then I need to go get Mark from practice so we can *eat* this meal. mk

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Anonymous said...

Your tree is really nice. Mine sucks- it's dripping needles all over the place. By the time it's Christmas, it'll be down to bare bones. BTW, I also I left you some comments on some of your old Oct posts. I should go create my own blog now instead of living vicariously (sp?) through you. I'll let you know when it's up and running...don't let M. see it though!!! -R