Saturday, December 09, 2006

Party Palace...the Aftermath

Well, today is Kira's birthday, and she had a party this afternoon. Total of eight little girls, two hours. It was a "daytime pajama party," so all the girls were in their pajamas. We had three different crafts (decorating craft foam 3-D snowflakes, decorating sleep masks that I made, and decorating pillowcases), cake and ice cream, opening of presents, a story (Froggy's Sleepover) and games. And that's just what we had time for. I had another craft and several more games lined up "in case," along with toenail painting that we didn't get to. Each girl brought home her sleep mask, pillowcase, snowflake, and a "goodie box" that had nail polish & lip gloss in it. (I love the dollar store.) Mark was my "assistant" and he was a huge help. Early in he disappeared upstairs for a minute and reappeared wearing the outfit below. The girls loved it. There were really no major mishaps during the party, it went really well. I think everyone had a great time. I know Kira did.

Her friend India is spending the night with her at X's house, and due to a complication with India's mom's schedule today, it worked out that India just stayed here after the party. That has actually worked out well for me, because they're amusing themselves very very well (and quietly, amazingly enough). Mark is going to MarkS's for an overnight, and everyone should be out of here around 7, which is about 45 minutes from now. I am seriously considering a pitcher of daiquiris at that point, however.

Tomorrow the Christmas tree goes up. sigh. mk


Jenny said...

I freaking love that picture!


And a daytime slumber party? You're brilliant, that's what you are, my friend.

Happy late birthday, Kira!

markira said...

Isn't that a great pic? I am SO bringing that out to show girlfriends when he gets older.

Of course, the embarassment starts early when you know your mom just posted it on her blog. :D mk

markira said...

Starts even earlier when you realize your mom can't spell the word "embarrassment." sheesh.