Friday, December 15, 2006

Because, Hi? Amanda? I see you.

OK, from the location, the search term, and the fact that this person is actually reading multiple parts of my blog, I suspect that D's sister has discovered my blog. And coincidentally, she has seen some unflattering pieces where I slam X (and D, a little). So because if it were me, my next move would be to alert my sister as to the location of this blog, I have put it so only invited individuals can see it. Of course, right now that's a grand three people, because a couple of people who've read me, I don't have email addresses for. So anyway, if you're one of my "invitees," I'm only going to leave it like this for about a week or so, in the hopes that it will frustrate them when they can't access it and they'll give up.

OR, I could just be totally paranoid and there's someone ELSE at UMaine Orono who was searching blogs for my kids' names and decided I was such a stunning writer that they'd read it all. Uh huh. mk

K. I'm going back online. I've added all the disclaimers I've been neglecting. See sidebar. :D mk


elise said...

Thanks for the invite! I am wishing you the best of luck in dissuading the crazy lady from visiting.

Also, that dip recipe? Um, YEAH. I'd be all about getting that from you. :)

markira said...

Elise, well, she came back again. I think I'm just gonna leave it. It's not like any of this is REAL, right? It's allllllllll fiction. (see sidebar) FICTION, I TELL YOU.

Sent you recipes. mk