Saturday, December 23, 2006

Day of the Dead

I am just so wiped out today. I've taken TWO two-hour naps, and I'm still drained and ready to go to bed momentarily.

I had a lot of plans for the day to get things in the house in some kind of order, especially the kids' rooms, but I just couldn't gather the energy to do it. So instead we had a downtime day. Which, upon reflection, was probably at least as needed. The kids and I have all been running, running, running. Mark doesn't have any homework over vacation, and didn't have any on Thursday night either, which I think is just wonderful for him. He had a good time at Luka's last night, but he's been grumpy off and on all day today, I just know his exhaustion is catching up with him. He completely denies it, but his eyes are a bit glassy like they get when he's tired.

Kira's been charming and cuddly today, but not VelcroChild. She slept in my bed last night, and amazingly enough did not try to take over the entire bed like she usually does. Thank goodness. Although another part of me missed it.

So tomorrow I'll get the house put together somewhat, and get the dips made, and get everything ready to go to my parents' house when the kids get home around 4:30.

But for right now, bed. Reading for a little while first, but I bet I'll be passed out asleep by 8. mk

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Anonymous said...

Ho ho ho!
Sorry...... couldn't resist.

I am having the day from HELL and it's not even noon.

Now go clean your house.