Monday, December 18, 2006

Oh. My. GOSH. I might just have to kill him.

So Mark had practice right after school. He didn't tell me what time it was getting done, so I figured 4:30. Just in case it was only an hour (and also because I wanted to chat w/ his teacher for a while), I went a little early. I was there at about quarter of.

Ro and I were chatting along, and I look out the window and see Evan getting into a car, so I figured practice was over, so I went out to get Mark. The gym was dark. Mark was not in the hallway. Neither was he standing outside on the sidewalk waiting for me. Ro paged him to the office (after a false start in which she couldn't say his full name without laughing). No response. I called the house. No answer. Left a message. By this point the principal and another teacher are also helping out. They're looking up the assistant coach's number, getting ready to call it, and my cell rings. It's Mark. He caught a ride with one of the moms because "I looked for your car but didn't see it." It was RIGHT THERE. In the SAME SPOT I ALWAYS PARK.

The child may not live to be a teenager. mk


Anonymous said...

OMG, I felt sooooo bad for you, and was sooooo relieved when your cell rang (nice tune by the way). I take full responsibility for holding you up. Also, I would gladly kick his butt for you but I might get fired. Geez, and we were have such a good conversation.

Anonymous said...

And by the way, I really enjoyed chatting with you today. You are so easy to talk to! When are we getting together?

markira said...

Let's compare schedules and figure something out for VERY SOON. (And if you go to the game tomorrow, sit w/ me, eh?) mk

p.s. You're not allowed to take full responsibility for holding me up. My mouth was a'runnin' too. :D

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that I'm going to go to the party and leave around 4:45, Nathan in tow. We'll arrive at LCS shortly after 5:00. Save me a seat!!! I'm working on a post right now. It should be up after (if I ever) get the kids to bed.