Thursday, December 28, 2006

My 101 List

Starting Date: December 28, 2006
Finish Date: September 24, 2009

1 Put up fence
2 Build shed doors
3 Get rid of truck
4 Finish quilt
5 Clear out playroom
6 Paint ceiling in bedroom
7 Paint ceiling in hallway
8 Replace ceiling tiles in dining room
9 Paint bathroom
10 Finish design for foundation garden
11 Get a headboard for my bed
12 Install new walkway
13 Put a door that is not upside-down on the bathroom
14 Get beautiful pillows for living room. Ditch old ugly pillows.
15 Move the lilac bushes
16 Keep up with laundry for at least 2 consecutive weeks. Repeat.
17 Purge all the old magazines
18 Help a friend with a home-improvement project
19 Make out my will
20 Get living will notarized
21 Get a passport
22 Get Home Videos transferred to DVD
23 Make major progress with organizing footlocker of photos
24 Get new computer
25 Get external hard drive and backup computer
26 Frame "Knot"
27 Frame "Blue Nude"
28 Visit the graves of all family members I've known who have passed away
29 Release 5 books into the wild with Book Crossing
30 Volunteer for something non-kid-related
31 Give blood regularly
32 Hike that trail off Rt 17 by Mirror Lake
33 Spend the afternoon at the ocean, just me and a book
34 Walk to camp and back from my house
35 Swim five laps across pond at camp
36 Go on an overnight trip to somewhere I've never been.
37 Go bike riding
38 Go canoeing. Alone.
39 Watch a meteor shower
40 Sunbathe. On the float. In a bathing suit.
41 Have a poker night for the girls
42 Organize a girl's night out
43 Go to a play
44 Visit Montpelier
45 Visit the Conroy House Museum
46 Tour the Farnsworth Homestead
47 Visit the Wyeth Center
48 See Stomp
49 See a comedy show
50 Do a jigsaw puzzle. At least 500 pieces.
51 Learn capitals of US states
52 Learn enough HTML to design my own blog template
53 Learn some graphic design
54 Learn how to can.
55 Learn to do something mechanical to my car (oil, spark plugs, something)
56 Make one of those photographic collages of single scene
57 48 consecutive hours with NO computer
58 Keep the inside of my car clean for four consecutive weeks
59 Spend no money for one week. None. At all.
60 Research and purchase a stock of some kind. To feel grown up.
61 Save $1000
62 Go to a movie by myself
63 Watch "The Notebook" with Mom
64 Read "War and Peace"
65 Add at least 20 books from my Book Wish List to home library
66 Update my Book Wish List
67 Go to the library and check out all the books on Ro's list I haven't read
68 Make "movies I want to see someday" list & watch 10 of them
69 Hook up DVD player and VCR in bedroom
70 Go camping with kids
71 Spend a day at the beach with the kids
72 Climb a mountain with the kids
73 Get family photo done
74 Beat Lego Star Wars I w/ the kids
75 Play more board games
76 Go bowling with the kids
77 Take Mom for a pedicure
78 Go shopping & out to lunch w/ Lynn
79 Do something kickass for Mom & Dad's 40th anniversary
80 Take my dad out to dinner. Make him let me pay.
81 Get to 150 pounds
82 Start eating breakfast. Shoot for at least four times a week.
83 Take ONLY my prescribed meds for two weeks
84 One month no alcohol, no fast food, no sweets
85 Try one week of #84 first
86 28 days in a row of drinking 64 ounces of water a day
87 Six consecutive weeks of exercise at least three times a week
88 Get a totally fabulous handbag and spend more than $30 on it
89 Find new "signature" earrings for upper holes
90 Design a tattoo that I might actually consider getting
91 Go on two dates. With the same person.
92 Good Lord willing, get kissed
93 Seriously consider & research getting contacts
94 Color my hair red (semipermanent color)
95 Buy myself something in a store I've never been in before
96 Buy a fantastic little black dress.
97 Get a truly fantastic haircut
98 Throw out all my "ugly" underwear
99 Get rid of shoes I can't/don't wear. Even the gorgeous ones.
100 Cry, dammit.
101 Organize/reevaluate 101 list on 1001st day; restart with new list



Anonymous said...

Your list is great! Very inspiring!

Jenny said...

Good stuff! 92 is a favorite.