Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Championship Game

Well, the boys lost tonight. It was a close game, even closer than the score indicated (42-35). The boys played their hearts out, and it was a really exciting game to watch. It was disappointing to see them lose, but I'd rather have the loss be a close game where the teams were pretty evenly matched, than a lopsided game.

The biggest bummer for me was that the other team got a technical foul. This was the moment that Mark has been waiting for since his injury, his only chance to be out on the court during a game. Unfortunately, because the game was so close, the coach chose to put in his top foul shooter** instead (who, by the way, came in second in the league in the foul-shooting competition tonight). I understand his choice, but it was a big disappointment. Mark took it extraordinarily well, though, and it really made me proud to see Mark immediately cheering Max on for the shots. I think that was both my best and worst moment of the game.

I've been so proud of Mark during his time on the injured list. He's gone to every practice, every game, he's cheered his teammates on, he's had a great attitude, and every chance he's had, he's gotten out on the court. I've seen a significant improvement in his ball-handling skills, as well as his overall confidence with the ball and the court in general. It occurred to me that Mark hasn't had a lot of time to just *play* on a basketball court and get comfortable with it. He's had some practices with the Y youth basketball program, and games, but it's not the same as just being able to free-play out there. And bouncing the ball around the dirt-and-gravel driveway at home is definitely not the same. But he's really done a great job this season, and I'm just very proud of him. He's a really great kid (even when he frustrates me to DEATH). I'm very fortunate in my children.

In other news...I did much running around today, including a visit to my parents', a hunt for blue soccer socks (the boys all wore them for the game, an additional solidarity thing) and an incidental find of shiny bright blue Mardi Gras beads, which I purchased a bazillion of and passed out to the team moms to wear (and mine are now hanging from my rearview mirror). In the short time I was home between all that and getting to Brownies, I got a message on my machine that the orthopedist had to reschedule Mark's appointment, so he has to wear the cast for an extra three days. Damn. Mark was pretty ripped, he's more than ready to get it off N-O-W. Can't say as I blame him. Well, he's still getting it off before the team pizza party, although now it's a matter of a couple of hours before instead of a few days. :D

Fun news for me, Ro is coming over tomorrow night after her husband gets home from work. This'll be our first chance to really "hang out" together, and it should be *lots* of fun. I had a BLAST sitting with her at the game tonight. I'm chillin' the Smirnoff Triple Black, Ro! (and I might even get that laundry basket off the couch.)

Tomorrow morning I'm getting together with my sister. We weren't exactly sure what we were going to do, but at Dad's suggestion we're going over to the folks' house (folks may or may not be home, that remains to be seen) and Lynn's going to help me assemble Mark's big present. That'll be great, because it needs to be put together, and Lynn will really like having a part in it. Dad's gonna have some tools ready for me, although I'll probably bring my own as well, just in case. (Just in case what, I have no idea, since Dad has pretty much every tool under the sun, in quadruplicate at least.) Note to self: I really, REALLY need to take the trash to the dump before I go pick her up. I really don't think I can fit one more scrap of anything into the trash. It's pathetic, really.

OK, I'm gonna get off here and go climb into jammies and try to relax a bit. It's been a long day, and I've got a great big huge knot in my left trapezius muscle that is sore and burning. Later. mk

** At Sunday's practice the team had a foul-shooting contest to see who would compete in tonight's competition. Max won. However, MARK, who is the youngest boy on the team and had on a CAST, came in second!! Go Mark!!! mk


Anonymous said...

Where did you find the energy to write this post? Hope all goes well assembling Mark's gift tomorrow. Can't wait for tomorrow night- clear the laundry off the couch- ro's coming over!!!!!

The Beast Mom said...

can I come over too? I could use that drink...

finally got signed onto my stupid google acct! had to have them send and resend my password over and over til it worked again. who knows?

why did you go private?


markira said...

Went private because of a few moments of paranoia...I'm over it.

Drinks are ready any time you get here! You definitely could use a FEW drinks...are you still without power at home? How are the kids? mk

Jenny said...

Hey, pour me a glass of the smirnoff, huh?