Friday, June 06, 2008

Oh My Gosh Someone Save Me

I have a college degree. I have installed my own stereo in my car. On more than one occasion I have repaired my washing machine. I frequently request tools for holidays.

And I have been completely thwarted by this:

ruler provided for scale

Kira brought it down along with an adorable little container of baby staples and asked me to fill her stapler for her. So I did. Or, at least, I tried.

The sucker would not close back up. I tried everything I could think of. I even (inadvertently) disassembled it in my attempts. And when I did manage to get it (mostly) back together, it would not staple. The stupid cute little staples jammed constantly.

Kira watched me get increasingly frustrated with it, and just when I was about to go get a hammer and see if *that* would help at all, she sweetly piped up: "That's okay, it's never worked anyway. I've never been able to staple anything with it."

OMFG. mk

updated: after I took the picture and wrote most of this post, I messed with the stapler again. (because I cannot leave things alone unless you physically take it away from me. Stubborn much?) It still won't close, but I got it to successfully staple something. So, half success.


BarnGoddess said...

omg! that is one itty bitty stapler...

The Beast Mom said...

So I want to know if you're still working on it...

If so, here's my advice: load it and point it right at your eye. Push down. I bet it'll work just fine.

Yes, I am so very helpful, aren't I?


Anonymous said...

Here's my advice: Put on a pair of thick soled shoes and stomp on it no less than a dozen times. That should do it.