Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Latest Car Woes

So, my dad called our mechanic this morning to tell him I'm having problems with the markira-mobile again. This time it's rattling and grinding from the wheels, as well as pulling a little to the right. So Mike said to bring it over and he'd get to it when he could. That was at 10:30.

Yeah. He just called. He's gotten it in already (2:30) and he knows what's wrong. Apparently the strut was rusted right through and it came down and was rubbing against the tire, and also the tie rod is gone? (I dunno, I have no clue about this stuff, I'm just repeating what I thought I heard.) What came through loud and clear to me is that it's a good thing I got the car in when I did or I could've had an accident.



Anonymous said...

Hi mk...

My brother (who is also a mechanic) said that a tie-rod can be rusted, damaged, even broken....but if it were gone, you would not be able to turn (the affected wheel) left or right. I searched in Google, and that looks to be the case. Are you sure your mechanic said it was 'gone'?

Nice picture of the kids in the other posting. I miss the days when my daughter would dress up like yours. (....heavy sigh).


markira said...

Oh heck no, I'm not sure. That could be me. It could have been "going" or "almost gone" or something. (not "gone" literally, either, but "gone" as in "destroyed") Also, I did not speak directly to the mechanic myself, but to my dad, who spoke to the mechanic. So add a second degree of separation to the words. It's like a game of "Telephone."

Thanks re: compliment of my kids. Kira loooooves to dress up. I actually don't see that changing anytime in the future. She will cost me much money in clothing.

nikki said...

I hate car troubles. I'm glad you got the car in when you did!