Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just catching up

Well, the big fight has been resolved. Mark is back to his normal, lovable (mostly) self. His thirteenth birthday has come and gone; I am now the mother of a teenager. We didn't do anything majorly significant to mark the date, which is unfortunate; my original intent was to make a good memory for him. Between his horrific attitude earlier this week and the bizarre weather, it just hasn't worked out. That's too bad; I hope that later he remembers entering his teens with fondness.

Today is a catching-up day. I've made six copies of Kira's play on DVD. Right now I've started Mark's play from April, which will take much longer, because each copy is over an hour long. Fortunately, I have fewer of them to make. It will be good to have these off my plate, they've been hanging over my head for the longest time.

This has been a weekend full of events, not all of them pleasant. Yesterday I found out a very very dear friend is pregnant; today I found out a lifelong friend's grandmother passed away. We celebrated Mark's birthday yesterday with my parents and sister; today I am spending the day all alone. Lots of contradictions that define life.

Not much else to say today. The kids have a half-day of school tomorrow and then summer vacation begins. Thursday we are going for an overnight visit at Ro's parent's cottage at Popham Beach; should be awesome. Will check in later. mk

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