Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How To Tell When You've Ticked Off A Mathematician

A check sent to Verizon from an upset customer. The amount is believed to be $533.80 (we think) .

I freakin' LOVE this. It speaks to my heart. mk

*received via email. Original author unknown. But I'm betting Randall Patrick Munroe had something to do with it.

**Okay. The original image is here. The *story* behind the original image is here.

*** Further note: the amount is not $533.80. The check was never actually sent. Randall Patrick Munroe is not the original customer. Verizon is apparently staffed by morons.


Lisa said...

Oh god, I cannot see it. I go rounds with "the cell phone people" Im sure I would love it. i also LOVED your bossy comment this morning. crack up!
Out at the beach,
coastal nest

Anonymous said...

You are SUCH a math geek. LOL

Anonymous said...

The amount is not $533.80. The check is written out for $0.002. 0.002+e^(i*pi)+Sum(1/2^n) where n->infinity. e^(i*pi)=-1 (euler's equation) and Sum(1/2^n)=1. 0.002-1+1=0.002! Get your math right!

Anonymous said...

Thats exactly 0.002 + 1 -1 = 0.002