Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sex with Peter

It was much better than I thought it would be. Very enjoyable, really. I hadn't been sure if I had even wanted to do it, but in the end I just went for it. Although some parts were a little uncomfortable, there were a lot of parts I really liked. Overall it was worth it. Much, much better than the original way I planned to spend the evening, alone with a book.

I went to see Sex and the City. With Peter.

Oh, you dirty-minded people.

And in a totally random spin of events, of the approximately eight people (including us) who went to the showing, there was a guy there who had graduated with us. Bizarre. (Yes, eight people. Eight. On opening weekend. Apparently everyone else was out drinking at 10:00 on a Saturday night.)

Not much to say about the movie, really, except that while I was driving home the title of the blog post popped into my head and I was helpless to resist. It was good, but I was less than impressed by the explicitly sexual scenes, particularly since I was watching the movie with a man I have not slept with. I don't know about other people, but that makes me feel very awkward.

Also, I want Carrie's closet. She can keep most of the clothes she has in it (really, wtf on some of the crap they dress her in), but the closet itself? Oh yeah.

K, going to bed now. Alone. With a book. mk


Anonymous said...

You are evil. Scaring me like that before I've had my coffee.

Anonymous said...

HaaaaHaaaaaHaa!! That was good!!


Brenda said...

Oooooooooh, you're good! But you knew that!

Brian and I saw the movie at the 6:50 show and the place was packed. There was a row of seats blocked off with white ribbon and a bunch of women came in together. They were picked up by All Aboard Trolley after the show so all I could think was that it had to be a bachelorette party. What a great movie to include!

I loved the wedding stuff, of course, having enjoyed my own less than a week before seeing the movie! I loved the dresses in the Vogue photo shoot but for her special day she was wearing a bird on her head!?!?!?)

I knew Big was going to wimp out but the thing is he changed his mind and was going back. He even said so as he got out of the car...he freaked out but was ready, let's go....but she beats him with her bouquet anyway. Brian doesn't like big but I'm glad they finally get hitched in the end (I'm probably giving away too much aren't I?)

Now Steve and Miranda....what kind of excuse is "we haven't done it in six months"? Putz.

I could go know how much I love Sex and the City! But I must go back to work!

Big Hugs,

Brenda said...

And, yes, you had me going. "Sex with Peter" indeed. I thought "a little too much kiss and tell but you can't blame her", but only if he agreed to the post!

markira said...


Ro, I'm sorry I scared you before your coffee. Next time I'll scare you AFTER your coffee. ;)

Bren, Still waiting for his reaction to post. If he's upset by it I'll change it. But I thought I made it pretty clear that there was no actual sex for ME, he was just a movie companion.

The Beast Mom said...

I liked the bait 'n switch. Can you do it on EVERY blog post?

:) bm

markira said...

Nope. Not even going to try to pass it off that I could. This one was gift-wrapped. :D

Also: spaz