Saturday, September 01, 2007

Wow. Loooooong time, no blog

It's been nearly a month since I've written anything here. How did that happen? Huh. Has anything of note happened to me in the last few weeks? Well, not really, so it's not like we're all missing anything much.

The kids are back in school. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that yet. Of course, they had school Wednesday and Thursday, and then have a long, four-day weekend, so I didn't have too much time to miss them. :D

Mark did end up making it into the pre-algebra math class, which will set him up wonderfully for the honors track in high school. He got the huge summer math assignment done (that was assigned by the teacher he is now not going to have). The last part of the assignment was to take a simulation of the high-school competency test, which helps the school in determining which track to put kids in. In order to make the honors track, he'll have to score a 90 or above on the test at the end of eighth grade (two years from now). When I graded his practice competency test, he scored an 82. So I think in the next two years he'll probably learn enough to get the 90. No real worries there for me.

He's got two more students in his class than last year, making a grand total of 13. One is a girl who had been in with them since kindergarten, but who home schooled last year. (her father goes to Alaska each winter, and they were going to see how that would work so that they could travel with him. Apparently she was absolutely miserable and missed being in school, so they put her back.) The other student is a new girl who moved here from Boston. Mark thinks she might like him, since she "couldn't keep her eyes off" him in science. (I said maybe she thought he was funny-looking. Nice mom.) He claims he doesn't like her or anything, yet he had an awful lot of observations about her. We'll see. It'll be interesting for him to have such constant exposure to a girl who hasn't known him since he was 5.

Kira has three new kids in her class, but she lost two, so her total class size is up to 23. Kira has lost status as the oldest in her class, since one of the new girls has a birthday in October. She's played with both of the new girls, but can't seem to remember the new boy's name. Dawson or Austin or something, she thinks. Maybe.

Overall, the first two days of school went well. Kira forgot her sneakers the first day and turned out to need them for Phys.Ed, so I had to run them in, which gave me a chance to say a quick 'hi' to the office staff (and hold the principal's baby granddaughter, who was visiting).

Tuesday is Mark's first soccer practice. There's a parent meeting after, where we will receive practice/game schedules. So I'll see just how busy my fall will be. Kira's first Brownie meeting (without me!) is on the 11th, with a parent meeting after *that.* And open house at the school is on the 11th also, with the middle-school laptop meeting, after which Mark will be able to bring "his" laptop home.

On a non-school note, I have finished my rounds of physical therapy on my ankle. August was twice-weekly ultrasound and Mulligan wrappings, work on the BAPS board, along with my cryo-cuff. Altogether it seems to have done a great deal of good. Now I just have to do the stretching exercises on my own and allow for the continued healing. It could take up to another 3-6 months for as full a recovery as I'm going to get. I go back in about three weeks for a followup with the orthopaedist. I have *almost* full mobility back in it, which is great. I don't have to go down stairs at an angle anymore, and I can crouch down with my knees bent, which I couldn't do before, so it's all pretty good.

Just realized I never put my MRI results in here. Turns out that I had completely ruptured TWO ligaments in my ankle, and they now placed my sprain at a grade three. (great. Usual treatment for a grade three sprain involves casting for several weeks. Of course, I found out about this two and a half MONTHS after the injury, so it was a little late for that.)

In other health news, I've been on my new med for over a month now, and I think it's doing great things. I've had so much more energy to do things, and I haven't had quite as much anxiety. I'm nowhere near *cured* or anything, but I think this was definitely a good move to switch over. I've actually been cleaning my house! It's not *as much* of a hellhole as it's been. I caught ALL THE WAY UP on laundry today. Can't remember the last time THAT happened, without a load of stuff waiting in the dryer that I just couldn't bring myself to get to. I've done some social things lately, like going to a movie with a friend, and out to dinner another time, and I haven't spazzed out. I'm going to a barbecue tomorrow where I'll be surrounded by people I probably won't know, and I'm okay with it. I'm really psyched and proud.

So, that pretty much covers all I can think of that's really happened in the last few weeks. Of course, I have pictures from the first day of school, too. mk

The traditional "pose beside the tree so we can see how much bigger you get every year" picture. Thank goodness they weeded out that garden for me the day before.

I love this. Gonna frame it.

Waiting at the bus stop.

Mom's been taking so many pictures, we'll take some of each other....

And Mom!

Ah, if they were actually this cute when they're "fighting."

Kira didn't know that big brother was making bunny ears on her...

But she figured it out. sigh.

And everybody face forward and pretend it never happened.

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