Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Don't You Just Love a Bargain?

Slogan for The Christmas Tree Shops, but in this case it's Kohl's.

School shopping for Kira, in which I spent just over $100 on a bunch of extreme-sale items. Received $20 in "Kohl's Cash" (in-store coupon which expired in 10 days).

SO. Went back to Kohl's today. In my wily shopping style, I purchased:

1 short-sleeve Sonoma brown polo (original price $18, on clearance for $3.60)
1 black Villager silky top (originally $34, clearance $10.20)
2 dark brown sofa pillows, original price $24.99 each, on clearance for $7.49 each, sign in the pillow department said "Buy 1, Get One Free" and listed no exclusion for clearance items (cashier tried to ring 'em up without the BOGO, but I protested and she called the department and then gave me the deal--my mom was horrified but impressed; she wouldn't have made a peep.)

Total original price total: $101.98
Clearance/sale prices total: $21.29

With my Kohl's Cash, which was applied before tax was calculated, I ended up spending a total of $1.35 (6 cents tax on 1.29) Which is basically 99% off.

heh heh heh heh heh



The Beast Mom said...

Nice shopping! We're getting a Kohl's very nearby which is great - I'll do lots of family clothes shopping there as opposed to Penny's which is 30 mins away. I grew up shopping at Kohl's and was bummed when I saw there were none here. But NOW, Kohl's is coming!
(Kind of sad huh that I'm getting excited about KOHL'S, but hey, I'm a mom and good deals on family clothes are what it's about. ;)


Anonymous said...
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