Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I Love Busline Soccer

So far. Of course, today was the first practice. :D

One of the things (okay, a really, really BIG thing) that I love about busline is that practices are immediately after school, *at* the school. This means that I do not have to run my butt over to the other side of town to take him *to* practice, and then either stay there for an hour and a half until practice is over, or go back home and then BACK over to pick him up. Every day.

Also, practice is (did I mention?) immediately after school. Which means it is over at 4:30. Which allows us to have dinner at a reasonable time most nights (except games). Rather than practices that go from, oh, say 5:30-7. Even game nights are fairly reasonable, starting at 3:45, going about an hour or so. Away games are a little trickier, but we only have 5 away games, and of those, only 2 are at any real distance. Not too bad.

Our school is participating in the Sports Done Right program, which is a University of Maine philosophical guide for interscholastic athletes. Go check the link out, it's a really great group of core principles that I fully endorse.

Mark's training as goalie. Today he got a lot of one-on-one drills with the coach, in addition to some group practice for overall skills. Today's practice was just for the new seventh-graders who were joining the team. We had six kids from seventh grade join; four girls and two boys. Two of the kids had never played soccer before, and a third hadn't played on a team.

Mark is TIRED. He worked hard at practice. He's pretty sure that his legs are gonna be sore tomorrow. Thankfully (for him), he doesn't have practice tomorrow, as the coach (who is also the math/science teacher) is going to check out the eighth-graders who are camping at Kieve.**

**Each year the eighth-grade class goes on a five-day Leadership program at Camp Kieve. Overnight camping. Mark's already looking forward to this.

Well, it's almost time to tuck Kira into bed. They're out in the dining room having ice cream right now. Kira's all showered and pajama-ed (something I'm a little jealous of....I might have to jammie up in a minute). She was screeching at Mark to take a shower too, because he had practice and was all "gross." He declined. This is a slight dilemma during sports season, because he is sweaty and gross after practice, but he prefers morning showers (and honestly, needs them), and I have not yet been able to convince him of the wisdom of two showers in one day. :D

OH. Got to meet the new girl today--she's on the soccer team. Seems nice, very polite. I did notice that she was entirely able to keep her eyes off Mark during practice. ;) mk

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