Wednesday, September 19, 2007

They're Coming To Take It Away, Ha-Ha!

Men are coming to my house today. Lots of men. I am very excited about this.

No, not for the reason you're thinking, get your mind out of the gutter. I am excited because one of these men is helping me put in my fence (that I've had for over a year now). Or should I say, he's putting in the fence for me while I watch, as Monday I experienced another one of my stupid ways of injuring myself and pulled a muscle in my back while reaching for a magazine. Yes, I am so skilled and graceful.

The other men are my dad and two friends who have come up for five days for a vacation. From Florida. So instead of doing fun things, these guys are coming to my house so they can (drumroll it).....GET RID OF THE FREAKIN' TRUCK!!!! Aren't they lucky?

By "freakin' truck" I mean this:

This eyesore, this horror, this monstrosity, which was supposed to be temporarily stored at my house and has been here for YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS. And yes, that's my fence leaning up against it. So, BOTH of these white-trash displays of taste will be relocated in ONE DAY. I can barely contain myself with the glee. (not that the fence is white-trash...or it won't be, once it's, you know, being a fence, instead of just leaning in a big pile against that piece of ..... truck)

The truck is going far, far, far away....across the street. Dad and the guy over there made a deal where the guy is going to attempt to sell the truck, and if it doesn't sell, his son has a junkyard. I think the guy should save himself the work and just call his son immediately. But whatever. I don't care. It will be OUT OF MY YARD. Kira noted my insane happiness and commented, "But it's not really going far away. We'll still be able to see it." And while she does have a point, MY point is that every time I now see the truck, I will be able to see that it is NOT IN MY YARD. My view, which looked like this:Will now look like this:
Works for me! mk

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