Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Many Unrelated Comments

I'm just leaving this post open for awhile, and as random thoughts float in and out (mostly out) of my head, I'll attempt to record some of them. (THIS should be interesting.)

I am watching VH1's 100 Greatest Hits of the 80s. I love 80s music. (of course....I was in high school and college in the 80s) I get such a kick out of the fact that so many of these songs are still "in" with kids. I am actually keeping a list of songs I want to download that I might have temporarily forgotten about. heh heh.


I think Fourthmeal is responsible for a great deal of drinking and driving. There you have it, people who are happily consuming masses of alcohol in their homes, and that friggin' Taco Bell commercial comes on and gets them all jonesing' for something spicy and grilled, so they've gotta go out and get it RIGHT NOW. Yup.

There are certain songs that definitely make you dance like you did when you were the hottest you will ever be in your life. What are yours? **Disclaimer: I am not suggesting that you EVER, EVER, actually dance like that in PUBLIC, ever again. Please. Just don't do it.

On this VH-1 show, they're having little "Headband Quizzes." They'll show you a picture of just the headband, and you're supposed to come out with the rocker who wore it. It could be friggin ANYONE. EVERY-FREAKIN-PERSON in the 80s was wearing a freakin' headband. (I obviously have not gotten one of these quizzes right.)


Can we say "Frankie Say Relax"??????

Tracey, I am really, really sorry I have called you 12-million times tonight, but man, holy 80-s remembrance crap. And why the hell have you not answered the phone?!?!?!?

How many months has it been since my daughter has hysterically phoned me, begging to come home? What in GOD'SHOLYNAME possesses X to hand her the phone at this hysterical point in her little overtired life? If he's not willing to let her come home, why on earth is he putting me (and HER) through this??!!

Hey Peter, if you're reading this, what kind of wine was it that we had? I know it was a merlot, but holy cow, there are a lot of merlots out there. Dang, that stuff was good, though.

The most embarrassing accidents are definitely always, invariably witnessed by others. Yesterday I whacked my head on the trunk of my car as I was closing it. Seen by the teenage daughter of the friends from Florida. Who naturally immediately told my mother. Who was freaked that I might have some kind of brain injury. Nope. Just another embarrassing bump and bruise. Sheesh.


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The Beast Mom said...

hey you,
sounds like you've been busy all summer - that waterslide looks fun. I've been at the pool non-stop for swim lessons every freakin' day in August. Sometimes I really wonder why I do this sort of thing to myself! It's been fun too, so it's not THAT big a deal. :)

I used 8675309 in my post. Weird. I come here, and there it is too. ;)

Hope you're enjoying what's left of summer!