Monday, September 10, 2007


Kira is convinced that there is a leprechaun living at her school.

Friday she came home *very* excited, because she and her friends found a trail of tiny shamrock sparkles leading along the wall of the school.

Backstory necessary here: last March, Kira and friends saw some tracks leading into the woods at the edge of the playground. They decided it was a leprechaun trail, and sprinkled little snack foods and fake gold out there to see if the leprechaun would take it. Naturally, the things were gone the next time the girls went out. Much excitement.

I told the woman who is in charge of our lunch program about this (who is an *extremely* popular person with the student population, due to the fact that she is very cool), and she thought it was so adorable, she might put something out for the girls to find. What with one thing or another, St. Patrick's Day passed without her getting around to that, and the girls eventually lost interest. I am wondering if she is responsible for the sparkles.

Well, now the sprinkles are out, and the thrill is back. Kira hadn't realized that shamrocks were symbolic of leprechauns (I gently clued her in to that), but now that she knows, she is VERY determined to track the leprechaun down. I'm not sure exactly what she plans to do if she actually SEES the leprechaun, but she (and her cohorts) are deep into plans about presents and treats to leave the leprechaun, along with a note. It says:

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