Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Rock Star and the Scientist

Sounds like the name of a cheesy romance novel, doesn't it? Nope, just today's contribution to Spirit Week:

Mark ditched the leather pants. And the wig. But he did let me put some gel in his hair. A tiny little bit.

Kira ditched the boots. She's wearing her crocs instead. Those things sticking out of her hair are sparkly pencils. And I gave her a glow stick.

They're both having a *lot* of fun with this.

Which is more than I can say about this *%$@@! interfacing on the go-go dress. That I am avoiding. mk


Stephanie said...

They are SO cute!!

And tell Kira my husband is a scientist and he wears his crocs every day. In fact, she's totally dressed just like him!!

And tell Mark my husband was in a rock band in the early '90s, and he dressed just like that!!

markira said...

Ow! Mark read your comment, Stephanie, and pounded me on the arm shouting "See! See!"

I'm not sure what exactly I was supposed to "see," but he was excited.

And Kira gave a big beautiful smile and said, "Cool! Wow!" She was impressed that I know someone who is married to a real scientist. And that she got the outfit right. :D

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe my eyes this morning when I saw Mark. He is probably one of the coolest kids I know! Kira looked great too. I can't wait to see her outfit tomorrow. Great pics.

mark said...

They look great! Mark reminds me of Ryan Phillippe, and Kira has me thinking Abigail Breslin. Very Nice!

Anonymous said...

Wow Mark DOES look like Ryan Phillippe! I'd never noticed that before now.

markira said...

And this is at age eleven. I am going to need to invest in some saltpeter or something, aren't I???

Seriously, when he actually does something with his hair other than roll out of bed, I'm kinda shocked with how handsome he is. And Kira is gorgeous. Damn, how did I luck out with these two????? (and ask me in their teenage years if I still consider myself "lucky") mk