Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Kira a Go-Go

So the dawning of the Age of Aquarius in Casa de markira was accompanied by crankypant children. Mark didn't get enough sleep last night, and Kira was bugging him, and there were meltdowns and tears and shouting. But I did manage to get pictures of my love children:

p.s. The tattoos on her arms are not part of the costume plan. That was done at her dad's house last week.

They're very cute, but don't go well with the outfit. ;)


mark said...

More awesome outfits - I don't understand this week of dressing up in the spring, but I like it. All that happens around here is prom and other lame dances as well as lots of drinking.

Anonymous said...

Who is the nerd in the tie-dye? No seriously, Kira looks great. GREAT!!!! Well done, Mom! clap, clap

markira said...

Thank you, thank you (bows modestly). mk