Monday, April 16, 2007

Damn Nor'Easter

OK, so travel this week is definitely going to be out. :( We are currently in the middle of a grand Nor'Easter, which is pretty much shutting down the Eastern seaboard above Phillie. Flights have been cancelled, there's flooding (including quite a bit of water in my basement right now...the new 6" pipe is a little over 1/2 full running water out, along with three sump pumps running. I have six more at my disposal, along with "SuperPump" (as Dad and I refer to it--it's exactly the same as the pump our local fire department has). That thing is awesome, it sucks water out of the basement like a straw. It's for use if a) the water level in the basement gets so bad that nine sump pumps and a drainage pipe can't handle it all [this has occurred] or b) the power goes out so that NONE of the nine pumps will be working and I am totally dependent on the gravity-feed drainage pipe. Which could possibly level out with the stream across the road that it empties into.

Heavy rain is a nasty, nasty thing.

So anyway, between the storm that is currently supposed to go until Tuesday, and the subsequent rush on re-scheduled flights, it is not really feasible for me to go anywhere. sigh. mk

**Tuesday storm update: well, shortly after I wrote that I turned off the pumps, and they have stayed off since. The pipe has handled it all. YAY!!!! Lost power for seven hours yesterday, but it was above freezing so that was okay. The wind was HUGE. (Mt. Washington reported gusts of 156 mph) I've lost a few shingles on my roof, I need to get up there and replace those in the next couple of days (after the storm stops), but really, that's pretty minor. Neighbor had a section of fence knock over onto my driveway. Parents had a huge tree limb come down on the barn roof (can't tell if there is any real damage yet). Altogether, I got off very very lucky. Am going now to rest since I have not gotten any real sleep the last two nights and I'm exhausted. mk

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The Beast Mom said...

Wow. It's spring here. Wish you could visit Seattle. Guess you'll have a nice quiet week though - sometimes those are wonderful too. :)

My spring break just ended. The kids are back in school. So I'm catching up on blog reading. I may have to do the zombie test. That looks funny :)