Thursday, April 26, 2007

Goldilocks plays Little League

Mark had practice yesterday while he was with X, and that was when they passed out uniforms. We had parent-teacher conferences right after school, then had to fly home and Mark had to get his uniform on, I grabbed some snacky food and a couple of jackets (not warm enough, as it turned out...I always forget how cold it is the first couple of games of the season--I am fooled by sunshine). Kira and I were already waiting in the car when Mark flew out the door and jumped in, and we did the pre-game checklist (you know: Do you have your hat? Glove? Cleats? Glasses? Sport strap for your glasses? oops...go get it) and off we went.

We were running a little late, so I dropped Mark at the dugout and went to park the car. And so it was when they went out on the field to warm up that I saw for the first time the baseball pants they had given my son to wear.

They were huge.

Mark, as I have perhaps mentioned once or twice, is very tall for his age (about 5'6"). He's also *very* thin (about 105 pounds). This makes it difficult to find clothing that fits him well, and we are all very fortunate that the baggy look is in for preteen boys, because otherwise it would not be pretty.

Well, because of the height, the coach had given Mark a pair of men's size small pants. (that's what size I get him for sweats and pajama pants) This did not work out well in baseball pants. He didn't have a belt, and even with the shirt tucked in, the pants were HUGE. I mean, horribly, jokishly large. The crotch hung down to his knees and he kept hauling them up, they were literally falling off him. It was really bad (although the length was good). Between the warmup and our team's at-bat, one of the guys took off his own belt and tried that, but it made it if anything even worse, because the belt even at its tightest was too big, and it dragged the pants down. Mark hit the ball (yay Mark!) and was running to first, and was hauling at his pants the whole way.

Between the first and the second inning, someone took off one of their shoelaces and tried using *that* as a belt. Woefully inadequate.

Before we were reduced to a Jethro rope belt a la Beverly Hillbillies, we grabbed one of the extra pairs of pants, which were a youth large (all the extra-large were taken). Mark went off to the Porta-Potty to change. (oh joy) And I know that baseball pants aren't supposed to come down to your ankle or anything, but past your knee would be nice. The youth large barely covered his kneecap, and that was if he stretched it down.

Anyway. The youth large got him through this game, and the coach is supposed to pick up a pair of extra-large before the next game (Monday). Fingers crossed that XL will be juuuuuuust right.

Oh, and the boys lost. :( mk

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