Thursday, April 26, 2007

Moan, Groan, Gripe and Complain

Why is it that when I take something for my unbelievable cramps, it works for that but then I develop a blinding headache? It's like my body is unable to be totally without pain, it needs to move somewhere else.

Also, I have the weirdest freakin' period. It starts out heavy with cramps, lightens up over a few days, then comes raging back on day three or four, complete with bad cramps again. It's like the body can't sustain the energy to have a full-on period, so I get two back-to-back mini periods. It's been like this since Kira was born. I read somewhere that it is part of adrenal fatigue. (which, by the way, I am certain exists, and that I have it, even though the medical community is divided in its conclusions.)

Plus, I think I might have the beginning stages of a little infection in this tiny cut I got on my hand this weekend. Grumble.


It's spring, people, and that means baseball! This year, in addition to Mark playing Little League, Kira is playing Lower Minor. That means that there are a couple of days each week where both of them need to be at different places at the same time. What fun! Tonight was originally supposed to be an example of that, with Mark playing his first game (away, of course) and Kira having practice during that time. While I have decided that for the rest of the season, my presence at Mark's away games will be sacrificed so I can get Kira where she needs to be (I can get a ride for Mark easier than I can get someone to take Kira for four hours so she doesn't miss that hour-long practice), this is his first game of the season, and I really wanted to be there for that. Fortunately, due to the snowstorm the week before vacation, parent/teacher conferences were rescheduled for tonight, so they cancelled Kira's practice because it ran during conferences. (Little League pretty much cancels for nothing.) So I get to go to the game without the stress of arranging care for Kira. (although I had already done that, but that's okay....I'll save that arrangement for later in the season.)

Tuesday was very busy. I had therapy in the morning (rescheduled from its original time of today), then Brownies in the afternoon at the school, an hour between that and Kira's first practice, which ran until 6:45. We just stayed at the school and had a picnic dinner, because it made much more sense than trying to travel home, eat, and travel back to the same place within an hour. And it was kinda fun, really. The kids enjoyed it, they got extra playground time.

Mark's got a dance at the Y tomorrow. He's been waiting for another dance, he wants to see this girl again. I hope if she's not there, he asks someone else to dance. I don't want him to feel that his options are closed based on dancing twice with a girl two months ago, y'know?

Speaking of dances and dating, I've activated a profile on I think I must be insane, doing it at the same time as baseball season, like I'm not busy enough (not to mention Brownies and school volunteer stuff--we're gearing up for Staff Appreciation Day on the 9th, quite a bash we're throwing, and I'm watching the 6th grade during the luncheon). But there have been a couple of nice-sounding men who have responded, so we'll see how it goes. This is all Ro's fault. She convinced me to do this when I was at her house over vacation (and after a few Smirnoff, it sounded like a GREAT idea. Note to self: SMACK).

Anyway. I actually have a couple of hours to myself before conferences and baseball, so I'm going to take advantage of it by doing nothing. I'm very good at that. :D mk


Anonymous said...

Yep, ALL my fault. You'll thank me later.

Anonymous said...

Hello Markira,

Kind of stumbled across this page doing some research for my e-zine. It may be of interest to you as it's a bit of a "Moan, Groan, Gripe and Complain" site in it's own right.

It's called The Weekly Gripe - might be up your street!