Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tuesday Tip: Gas Gauge Secret

Beast Mom posted a wonnnnnnnnderful item on her blog yesterday!

Apparently, there is a little arrow on (most) car gas gauges that points to the side where your gas tank is.

Huh. Who woulda thunk it?

How many people knew about this one? I've been driving for over half my life and did not know. I feel a little stupid.

I also want to go around and check the gas gauges of everyone's car.

Are there other secrets out there of which I am ignorant? (ok, I *know* there are secrets of which I am ignorant. I mean, are there secrets of which I should NOT be ignorant? ok, wait, I'm sure that's a long list, too. Here: share more tips like this!) mk

p.s. When I read BM's post, I immediately got my shoes on and went right out to the car to check this. I mean, before I even read comments. Before I finished her post. RIGHT THEN.

I have issues.


The Beast Mom said...

You are too funny. :) I generate this sort of immediacy in your life? I'm going to have to think of even more cool secrets now just to see what you do about them. ;)


markira said...

Do you not know me at all? I HAVE NO LIFE. ;)

Really, I'm going through one of my avoid-real-responsibilities-by-obsessively-checking-the-same-four-sites-over-and-over phases.

But definitely think of more cool secrets. I love learning new things, especially if they are weird. Like blind uteruses (uteri?).

The Beast Mom said...

Uterati. That should be a word. And a secret society.


markira said...

So instead of the Secret Society of Beast Moms, we can have the Secret Society of Uterati.

I like it.