Thursday, March 19, 2009

Honey, I love you and I support you in school, but...No.

Mark and I love to watch House. There are reruns on almost every night, sometimes several of them in a row.

Tuesday night in one of the episodes the fellows had to do an emergency tracheotomy. Mark pipes up to tell me that his science teacher has always wanted to do one, and that he (Mark) thought it would be pretty cool. (Mark's teacher was an EMT, so that's not quite as freaky as it sounds, but still kinda odd) I just kind of nodded along.

Then Mark looks at me speculatively and says, "Mom, are you having any trouble breathing?"

Sorry, Mark. No matter how much you protest that it's "just a little cut!" I am not letting you and your science teacher perform a tracheotomy on me. Even for extra credit. mk


The Beast Mom said...

You're a wuss. Let him do the trach already.

:) bm

heh-heh. I just called you a wuss.

markira said...

In a touch of the bizarre, I have actually thought about it. You never hear about a trach gone wrong. Maybe I *am* being a wuss.

Then I remind myself that I'm talking about a 13-year-old. With a scalpel. Putting a hole in my windpipe.

How do those heal, anyway? Do they stitch it?

I have put far more thought into this topic than any sane person should. :)

The Beast Mom said...

dunno. Just the very idea of a permanent hole in the throat really scares me.