Monday, March 02, 2009

I Could Not Agree More

In reading a synopsis of a House episode, I found this:

I don't know what a blind uterus is, but I have one that presumably is sighted and it's a pain in my freaking ass every month. I can't imagine how much more difficult a special needs uterus would be.

Yeah, baby. I hear ya. mk

Geek alert: After a TON of Google research, I have pretty much determined what (I think) is meant by a "blind uterus." They mean a unicornuate uterus with a noncommunicating rudimentary horn. This basically means a uterus that has developed abnormally, splitting into two sections, with one section more developed and the other section (the horn) underdeveloped and in fact closed off to the vagina, not allowing for outlet of menses. That would totally suck.


The Beast Mom said...

uh so where does it all go?

google THAT, baby.

:) bm

markira said...

I actually already know this one from my preliminary research

It doesn't get out! It gets trapped in the rudimentary horn and eventually causes an enormous amount of pain. (and I'm pretty sure, although I did not confirm with Google, if it doesn't get fixed, it would eventually burst)

The Beast Mom said...

That's just nasty-horrible.


markira said...

That's why it's fortunately a very rare condition.