Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Cyberworld is giving me a big hint

Having realized that I missed Fun Monday (which was also National Panic Day, which I discovered at 12:02am on *TUESDAY*, and actually panicked a little because I missed what should be one of my big holidays of the year), I've been perusing The Daily Meme for ideas for a Tuesday post. After rejecting TMI Tuesday (really, people, you don't want me answering some of those questions), I also found these two:

Tackle It Tuesday
Each Tuesday you post a before and after pictures of a project or trouble area that they tackled that week.

That's My Answer--"The Official Question of the Day"
Which this week was about painting...what colors you paint your ceilings and if you tape off the woodwork or just wing it.

And what is really kind of bizarre about these is that I purchased today (wait, sorry, Monday...it's 12:30am, I've not yet switched days) several items to do a makeover in my bathroom, and made final selections on paint colors. Tomorrow (today, damn it) I will be doing some repairs, priming the knots on the paneling, and painting the door and possibly some more priming. This was already planned before I read these memes.

Insert Twilight Zone music here.

Hey wait, I can!

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