Friday, March 20, 2009

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby...

Mark's hormones have switched on to "rage." He's started being *very* aware of women in the various teeny-tiny outfits they wear on TV, and he loooooooooved his Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

To complement this, in school right now in guidance they're talking about "Reducing the Risk," about pregnancy and STIs and abstinence and condoms (they're allowed to talk about condoms, but they can't *see* a condom). They'll be doing some role-playing to build skills on how to avoid peer pressure to be prematurely sexually active. etc etc.

So Mark comes home the other day and asks to speak to me privately. After some stumbling about sex and premarital sex, he gets to his point, which is to ask whether IF (he sooo stressed the if) he were to accidentally get a girl pregnant, would I help him out with figuring out what to do, etc.

I was so proud of him for coming to me with this question. I was pleased that he felt he could bring it up. I did give him a bit of crap for thinking for a second that I would abandon him when he needed me, but it was great because we opened a discussion. We talked about all the different options when a girl gets pregnant, and how I've known people who have taken each of them, and we discussed premarital sex and condoms. I offered to show him a condom but apparently he's already seen one. A friend of his was given some by his mother a year or so ago, (!!!) and the boys have taken a look at it.

Same topic, different approach...we were watching House (yes, we watch it a lot) and there was an opening in which the patient was involved in a sex fantasy & collapsed. Mark didn't understand what was going on, and I -very- briefly explained that some couples have sex fantasies and do some roleplaying. Mark was silent for a minute, and then he said, "From what I've been hearing and seeing on TV and stuff, it looks like sex is really GREAT!"

Woooooooooonderful. mk

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The Beast Mom said...

And so begins the upping of your stress level. ;)