Monday, June 11, 2007


  • Odds of bowling a 300 game: 11,500 to 1
  • Odds of getting a hole in one: 5,000 to 1
  • Odds of injury from fireworks: 19,556 to 1
  • Odds of injury from mowing the lawn: 3,623 to 1 (by the way, this has happened to me)
  • Odds of being struck by lightning: 576,000 to 1
  • Odds of being killed by lightning: 2,320,000 to 1
  • Odds of dating a supermodel: 88,000 to 1
  • Odds of being considered possessed by Satan: 7,000 to 1
  • Odds of being on plane with a drunken pilot: 117 to 1
  • Odds of dating a millionaire: 215 to 1
  • Odds of catching a ball at a major league ballgame: 563 to 1
  • Odds of finding a four-leaf clover on first try: 10,000 to 1
  • Odds of spotting a UFO today: 3,000,000 to 1
  • Odds of a meteor landing on your house: 182,138,880,000,000 to 1
  • Odds that on the day that you finally throw away the fact triangles (that your daughter had buried at the bottom of a pile of a babillion pieces of paper, that she has not mentioned ONCE in the last six months, and which you distinctly remember throwing away in the trash that has already been taken to the dump) she will suddenly, desperately, NEEEEEEEEEEEED them: oh, give a guess. mk


The Beast Mom said...

All your pre-teen, teen, tween, (whatever the hell they're called now) posts are terrifying me! My boy is only 8, but 12, 13, and 15 are very close by. I appreciate your honesty in these posts though. It gives me a heads up for the very near future! eek. That's what my comment here can be summed up as: eek.

BTW I'm actually surprised that the odds of a meteor hitting your house are that much of a long shot.


markira said...

I was actually surprised that my odds of dating a millionaire were so good. Although I guess a million dollars doesn't go as far as it used to these days.... ;) mk