Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer Vacation, Day 1/2

Well, the kids are officially on summer vacation, after their half-day of school, most of which was taken up with the final assembly, in which Mark received five awards: honor roll all four quarters, helping out in the kitchen, band participation, student council member, and an All-Star program the entire sixth grade did through the guidance department. (apparently it was a 13-week program. I never heard about it 'til today. huh. Obviously an important program.) About a billion parent volunteer awards were given out (which consisted of a thank-you card and a small laminated bookmark that says "Volunteering...a work of heart"). I find it kind of amusing that the parents who volunteered pretty much all the freaking time received exactly the same recognition as those who came in once during the year. (In fact, one parent received an award and I overheard her say to the principal, "I don't remember doing anything.") lol. It's a good thing my purpose in volunteering in the school isn't for the validation at the final assembly, or else I would be sadly disappointed. Personally, I could care less if we even got mentioned at the assembly...really, it was the longest part of the program, applauding each individual name that was read, when about 95% of them weren't even there. The kids were super fidgety, which made it very uncomfortable for me, because Miss Kira decided the best place for *her* to be for the entire assembly was in Mom's lap. All 65 pounds of her. (not too heavy in general, but after an hour I could no longer feel my legs. Not to mention that her butt seemed to grow bones as time progressed. Pointy bones.)

Mark forgot a math book in going to school this morning, which prompted a frantic phone call from him that if I didn't bring it in, he couldn't bring home his report card. Now, as I joked to his teacher earlier today, this threat would have a lot more bite if it weren't for PowerSchool. I can keep track of Mark's grades through the whole year, so I already knew in detail what his report card was going to look like, right down to the teacher comments. Bringing it home is just a formality. (I still brought the book in, of course.) [PowerSchool isn't accessible for the lower grades at our school, though, so when Kira was melting down that if she didn't pay her library fine, I did call the school....she, of course, *had* no library fine...she had heard the announcement that if you didn't pay your fines, you didn't get your progress report, and she thought it was directed at her. Sweetie.]

So. After the kids came home (screaming and yelling things like, "Finally! We're FREE!"), we had to take off for my parents' house so I could drop off the kids while I went to P/T. I did a few machine exercises, then they hooked four electrodes up to my ankle and ran some varying current through it for 15 minutes while they iced my foot. Supposed to help with pain and swelling. Not seeing any significant improvement on either, but I'm being patient. It felt *very* good to get on the machines and get a bit of exercise without fearing that I might roll my ankle. I did have to warn them in the therapy department that the frightening shades of dark red that my face turns at the least amount of exertion is actually normal for me. I think they were freaking out a bit. :D

The short time I expected at my parents' house of course turned into the whole afternoon, dinner, and part of the evening. Dad and Mark played Pirate's Dice (which Mark got from one of his friends at the party on Saturday) about a bazillion times, as well as a game of chess. (Dad even gave Mark an advantage, removing his queen at start of play. Dad still won, of course.) Meanwhile, Mom taught Kira how to knit. Kira took to it very easily, and was knitting all by herself by the end of it, several rows. She did a great job, and Mom was impressed as all hell. (I, by the way, can't knit.) Oh, and Kira asked me to give her some algebra problems to show Gram. So I did. Started with x + 3 = 5 and moved on to 2x = 4, then 2x + 1 = 7. Mind you, the girl's 7.5. I'm so proud. :D

After we got home, X picked up Mark to take him along to one of the dog's obedience classes. Kira stayed with me. Now both are upstairs and in bed (and both individually argued, unsuccessfully, about having bedtimes on summer vacation--I might loosen up later, but at least the first couple of nights, let's get rested, kids).

So we have 72 days until school starts. A beautiful string of days of possibilities. mk

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