Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ankle Update

Yesterday I finally got around to visiting the orthopaedist to have my ankle looked at. She poked around at it a bit, observed that there was still pain and swelling, had another set of X-rays done to confirm that there was, indeed, no fracture (hey, the receptionist was right! Although I did learn about occult fractures, so take THAT, snotty receptionist lady! I *COULD HAVE* had a fracture that didn't show up!!!).

Anyway. No fracture, but ankle still definitely not healed. So I am ordered to wear my Aircast whenever I am going to be walking, for at least the next two weeks. Also, the orthopaedist's office is going to be setting me up for 4-6 weeks of physical therapy (which reminds me, I need to call them tomorrow about that).

The orthopaedist specifically instructed me to wear athletic shoes with my Aircast. I am NOT to wear sandals or clogs or Crocs or anything remotely cute. (this said with an almost apologetic look at the adorable leather toe-ring sandals I wore TO the orthopaedist's office) I am not even permitted to wear Ked-type shoes. They must be actual real athletic-shoe sneakers. You know, the big ugly ones that do NOT look good with anything other than track pants.

Now, this is bothering me A. LOT. Because, among other things, summer is approaching. And my feet get overheated amazingly quickly. I start wearing sandals in April, and wear them through October. Because I am very, very foot-centric, and my feet are a thermostat for the rest of my body. Meaning, if my feet are cold, I'm cold. Conversely, if my feet are HOT, I am roasting. So, if, say, my feet are trapped in a pair of big ol' sneakers, maybe with a big ol' ankle brace strapped on there as well, and the obligatory socks that must be worn under the brace to prevent painful rubbing of the straps, and if we add SUMMER into that mix, I can predict with extreme accuracy that I am going to be miserable.

Let us also add in that big sneakers are NOT a good fashion statement with, oh, say, capris, which are my clothing of choice during hot weather. Also not a good look with any OTHER pants besides the aforementioned track pants. It can *occasionally* work with jeans, with the right top. (um, maybe a T-shirt? If you're going to a sporting event or something?) But otherwise? Yuk.

I'm not a big fashion snob. I'm definitely not a fashionista, or even stylish. But I do have a few little fashion quirks, and footwear is one of them. This is probably largely due to having weird feet. I have wide feet, and bunions, and tailor's bunions (bunions on my pinkie toes), and flat feet, and fat ankles. I know that's a lot of issues to have going on with one's foot, and let me tell you, it makes for HELL in finding comfortable, attractive footwear. Often I just KNOW that the shoes I am putting on my feet are going to make me wish for a swift death within a few hours, but I am so desperate for cuteness on my feet that I am willing to suffer through. I invariably regret that decision later.

So when I find a shoe that is cute AND comfortable AND doesn't make my feet look Mickey-Mouse size, I go with it. It doesn't happen much. Sandals qualify, especially toe-ring sandals, where nothing rubs against the bunions OR the back of my heel (which is also highly sensitive and prone to blisters). I love sandals. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em. And they are FORBIDDEN to me. For AT LEAST TWO WEEKS. I am crushed. mk


Anonymous said...

hi what brand of sneakers did you try to fit sonewhat comfortabl with your aircast that look somewhat decent? Thanx
hurt foot/ankle grl

markira said...

Ankle grl,

I ended up getting a pair of New Balance sneakers in a size larger than I usually take. Both my orthopaedist and my physical therapist told me that New Balance is their preferred brand because it has some extra width to it and good support. I got a bigger size because having the brace in will stretch out your sneaker. I *strongly* recommend getting a pair of separate sneakers than the ones you usually wear, because as my Dr. told me, you *WILL* ruin one of the sneakers by stretching it out with the brace. I got mine at Goodwill, and they were pretty much brand new, so I only had to spend about $6. Hope that helps! mk

markira said...

p.s. You can only look *so good* in athletic shoes, so take that into account. I HATE having to wear sneakers, I think they basically only look good when you're dressed in workout gear, but you gotta do what you gotta do to heal up, y'know? I've just had the dr. tell me I need to go back into the sneakers for awhile, as they'll be taping me back up and putting me back in the neoprene compression sleeves, but holy cow, it sucks in the fashion sense. mk