Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mark's Dating Update

Remember the dance on Friday, where Mark was going to ask that girl for her phone number?

She didn't show.

He's disappointed, but apparently not deterred, as evidenced by his (semi-joking? oh, I hope so) suggestion that we put a photo transfer of Cleo on his birthday cake. (which would probably be easier for me to do if I had ever SEEN the girl) mk

Oh...I know I'll want to remember this, and what is my blog for, if not to put memories down for future enjoyment?

I showed up a little early to pick him up from the dance, so I could go into the fitness center which overlooks the basketball court where the dance was held. (yes, I was spying. I freely admit this. Enjoyed it thoroughly, too. And darn it, I wanted a look at that girl.)

I'm watching Mark, and he was just walking around. And around, and around and around....he kept circling around different groups of people (quite often this one particular group, though...there was a cute girl in the group, and I found myself mentally cheering him on to ask her to dance...but he never did). Anyway. Circling and cruising around the gym. Just continuous, ceaseless motion. He was all alone, too. The image that was just SCREAMING in my mind.....oh my gosh, my son is a shark. mk

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