Friday, February 02, 2007


Mark finally got around to writing a (very nice) thank-you to my friend who took him to the Celtics game. He also decided to include a drawing. For your admiration:
He decided against adding color, because it would compromise the artistic integrity of the sketch. (Well, that's not what he said in so many WORDS...he actually said "I was going to color it but figured it would ruin the picture." Same thing.) mk


markira said...

(From Beast Mom, who apparently had technical difficulties with Blogger posting her comment):

You KNOW I agree with your thoughts in the post below. I've been thinking about your comments on my living w/ excellence post and they're in the exact same camp. I actually feel sorry for a majority of kids out there today, kids whose parents rescue them out of every problem, every disappointment, etc. I feel truly saddened by all the opp's they miss to grow just a little more, to be just a little braver, to mature just a bit that day. Kids are held back constantly and it's not their fault. It's the hyper controlling/protective/scared parents who do it.
I know our era of growing up was different. I get that. I get it that we can't let our kids run all over the countryside, unsupervised, from 3pm-9pm, like we often did after school. But it's swung way over to the other extreme where kids rarely get even an iota of real freedom. Sheez, they don't even get to pick their own friends in the neighborhood anymore. Doors are so often closed, and parent schedule only ideal playdates. I wish our kids didn't have to live this way.
Good post. I like reading posts when someone really has something on their heart and it takes one giant breath and expulsion to let it out. Passion drives those posts.


p.s. this is a nice drawing of M's.

Anonymous said...

Cool drawing! I like how Lucky's gut is drooping...and oh, what's in his pipe, anyway?

markira said...

Whatever it is, I think I want some. :D mk

mark said...

That's one heck of a nice drawing, and I don't think I've said it before, but your son has a GREAT name.