Saturday, February 10, 2007


Corduroy came home with Kira yesterday to spend the weekend. Corduroy is the class bear, taken from the character of the same name in children's books. Corduroy goes to visit a different child from the class just about every weekend (occasionally he stays in the classroom to recuperate). He has a travel bag with several changes of clothing, a copy of his favorite book (all about him, of course), and his journal, which each child uses to write or draw pictures about their adventures together.
Corduroy is a very old bear, he's been around a long time. I hadn't seen him since Mark was in the first grade. It is a VERY big deal to bring Corduroy home. Kira is very excited and she and Corduroy have had a very good time together. He even went with us to camp this afternoon, although he stayed inside while the kids were playing outside. He watched Kira play chess with her Gramp later, though. He liked camp.

Corduroy will be accompanying Kira to X's house this evening, which is a good thing. Quite frankly, between you and me and the lamppost, Corduroy kinda freaks me out a little. It's the eyes. The googly eyes. They follow you. Look, LOOK at these pictures.....he's watching me, dammit. And my imagination is just a little bit too vivid, and has been fueled by entirely too many toys-come-alive-in-a-murderous-way scenes (that clown in Poltergeist...and can anyone forget Chuckie? I flat-out refused to watch his movies, because he freaked me out just to look at him, much less let's go watch him on a killing spree). So I just don't want to be alone at night with it. I know, I know, but still. Really, look at him. Doesn't he seem just a little too innocent? A little too happy? It's like he's trying to lull me into a false sense of security just before he starts up with a chainsaw.

OK, I need to post this now, if for no other reason than Kira just came happily down the stairs and spotted the pictures and is now trying to read over my shoulder. I'm holding one hand up and waving it in front of her face as I'm twisted sideways in the chair and trying to get this done so I can post. 'Cause really, I can just see Corduroy's journal entry now. mk


Anonymous said...

Oh, your post totally brings back warm fuzzies from when Nathan was in first grade- you're right, it's SUCH a big deal to bring Corduroy home for the weekend! Great picture of Kira, too, by the way~!

Anonymous said...

Also, the eyes look normal to me. I think your trippin'! LOL

Anonymous said...

oh my god! up until now I've never seen anyone with this same (what i assume to be the original) version of corduroy bear, and in my internet search for someone else that has him your blog is the only place I've found the same version as mine... ah! I know you probably don't care, but I've had him since I was two years old and love him so and I couldn't resist commenting!