Saturday, February 03, 2007

And Back to the Everyday

As much as I would love to leave the bondage-mitten post up at top forever, other things call to me to be posted. And no, they aren't nearly as interesting. At least not to the tons of people who got to my blog by googling "bondage." And it will most likely not inspire comments such as Kevin's. Or even Jenny's. But it's far more typical of my noninteresting life.

We had snow last night and this morning. And I know I'm a little late hopping on this particular wagon, but here's my entry to "The View From My Front Door" that was circling around awhile ago:
The name of that boat, by the way, is the Wandering Jew. I find that vaguely disturbing for some reason. Perhaps because I cannot figure out how a boat can be Jewish. And it also doesn't seem to be wandering at the moment. But whatever.

Kira was up and at 'em bright and early. Here's what she's up to this morning (after, of course, she shovelled off the deck again):

And while she's industriously stockpiling snowballs for what I suspect will be an incredible snowfight later, Mark has his own priorities:

And yes, that is HAIR under his arms. And he is ELEVEN. And if you see him in person, you will notice that the hair on his upper lip is darkening also. (and I'm not imagining that, because Ro noticed it too) I am not ready for this. mk


Anonymous said...

AAAARRHHUUUGG! Very disturbing indeed.

mark said...

Nice snow & nice view. Maybe the owners of the boat are horticulturalists and that's their favorite plant? I'm side-stepping the subject of your hairy son. Good luck.

Jenny said...

The gorgeous. Prettiest jew I've seen since Sarah Silverman.

Pretty sure I'm going to hell for that one.