Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It is Official.

My son is a giant. And by that, I mean that he is taller than I am. At eleven.

He came downstairs this morning with two more pairs of pants that don't fit him. Yesterday he brought one, and over the weekend he brought down three pairs of shoes and a pair of snow pants. Last week it was two pairs of pants.

So I decided it was time to measure him on the doorframe again. The last time I measured him, on January 8, he was still shorter than I. In the last month, he has grown AN INCH AND A HALF. He is now just about 5' 5 1/2" tall. And he weighs about 105 pounds.

Now, as I am taller than X, Mark is taller than both of his parents. Again, I must mention, AT ELEVEN.

Kira has also grown, she is now 4' 2.75" tall. At seven.

What is WITH kids these days? Has anybody else noticed that they are completely different body types than our generation? Is anyone else slightly disturbed to see that the average early teenage girl has an itty-bitty figure, yet a disproportionately large chest? We didn't have girls looking like that when I was growing up. (and yes, typing that sentence I felt like I was about ninety, and should be saying things like, "We used to have to walk twelve miles to school every day, in a blizzard and five feet of snow! Uphill! Both ways! AND WE LIKED IT!")

Along the lines of feeling old, did anybody else notice the commercial for Wendy's that is using the Violent Femme's "Blister in the Sun" as background music? Did anybody else feel that it was just WRONG???

OK, because I really do have other things to do today, I'm gonna cut it short. But I had to tell people about my giant kid. mk


Anonymous said...

I suspect it's only beginning- before you know it, he'll be six feet tall. I think I'm going to go measure my kids today.

mark said...

It's got to be something in the water. The other change that the whole society will see, is in the hands - with all the text messaging and what not, studies indicate that the hands are evolving with this. I know you wanted to know that.