Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Kira has adopted a ladybug. She came downstairs this morning with it in a little red plastic cup. So we moistened a little scrap of paper towel, wet a raisin, and plucked a leaf from one of my plants, and made it a little home. (we got the information on what to do to set up a little ladybug habitat from LadybugLady.com) She's having a wonderful time observing it. She even has a magnifying glass so she can see it better. So far the ladybug has taken a drink and is exploring its new home.

Kira has a little spiral notebook that has now been designated "Kira's Ladybug Journal." (Complete with little drawing of a ladybug, courtesy of mom) She will be writing down her observations, which include how many spots it has (15). Right now she is trying to decide on a name for her little friend.

I like this pet SOOOOOO much better than what Ro has at her house. Her husband brought home two rats. mk


Anonymous said...

Love it!

Jenny said...

Personally I'm a fan of pet rats but ladybugs are nice too. Plus they tickle you ever so gently when you let them walk up and down your arm.

What's keeping her from flying away?