Saturday, June 02, 2012

Prom 2012--Part 1

Each year at Mark's high school, the junior class hosts the senior prom. Thus the junior class, as hosts, also may attend. Mark's going to the prom. His date is a friend who is pretty much like a sister to him. Her mother is a good friend of mine and her younger sister is Kira's best friend. (There is also a brother who is currently in 8th grade.) The theme of this year's prom is "Central Park." Mark spent several hours after school yesterday helping with construction and assembly of what I can only think of as "the set." It's apparently going to be rather elaborate (which does not surprise me coming from this high school). They're having a "Prom Preview" in a couple of hours where parents can go check it out and see what everything looks like, and Wendy and I are going. There will be pictures. :)

Meantime, Mark has the tickets (instead of actual tickets, they gave him an embroidered key lanyard with the school name and Prom 2012 on it...this may be the 'souvenir' they have created this year. Last year they gave out sunglasses at the prom), we have just picked up the corsage, he has his tux (oh, he will look SO handsome), and a friend of his is coming over in a little while to hang out before they get ready. Then we'll all go over to pick up Nikki and take many many MORE pictures, then the three of them will head off to the prom. (Kira and I will take her best friend Dianna home with us to spend the night)

As a quick taste, here's the corsage:

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