Thursday, June 07, 2012

I'm Off to See the Bloggess

This keeps running through my head: "Iiiiiiiiii'm off to see the Bloggess! The wonderful Bloggess of Blog...I know she is a wiz at her biz, if ever a wizard there was! If ever a wonderful blogger there was, then Jenny the Bloggess is one because...because because because because beCAAAAAAUSE...because of the wonderful blogposts she does!"

That's right. I'm gonna go see Jenny at her book reading in Brookline, Massachusetts. And now hopefully you also have this awful earworm song going through your head so I'm not all alone.

Speaking of alone, I'm doing all kinds of out-of-my-comfort-zone stuff for this trip. First off, I'm going to Massachusetts. And I've invited myself to stay with my friend Kimmie. AND, because I really do not want to drive in Mass because all the people who live there get behind the wheel of a car and immediately become insane*, I'm going to take a -bus- there (which actually will cost me, round trip, less than the price of gas to halfway there and back). So I'm doing all kinds of new things (for me). And yes, I am -very- nervous and my stomach is all tied up in knots.

* As evidence of this: everyone in Mass tailgates. Like, really badly. On the highway. Going like 90mph. I was taught to leave one car length between you and the car ahead of you for every 10mph of speed. I asked Kimmie about this and she said she was taught one car length. PERIOD. No matter how fast you are going, one car length. And apparently they all think cars are about five feet long.

Anyway. I canceled my therapy appointment on Monday because I got my period and was wicked crampy and didn't really want to curl up on the floor in his office but that was the only comfortable position. SO, he rescheduled me for this morning and this is a very good thing because we can go over this trip and hopefully he'll tell me all kinds of good things that will make me feel less freaked out and then I'll be able to see properly again. (My vision is a bit foggy at the moment. It happens when I'm panicky.)

AND, on Michael's advice, I sent an email to Jenny several days ago to remind her that I exist and tell her I was going to be coming ('cause my blog has kind of dropped off and she knows like a billion people and has likely been swarmed by tons of people popping up saying "HI! REMEMBER ME??"). So I babbled at her for a few paragraphs and probably made little to no sense but she was awesome and emailed me right back. So yay!

Bus leaves tomorrow morning, reading is at 7pm. I'm soooo excited.

Of course,  it's 5pm and I have yet to pack. I should maybe go do that. :D  mk


Katy said...

I cannot tell you how excited I am to learn that I am not the only one who wants to vomit at the thoguht of driving in Boston! Now I'm reconsidering the bus idea. Public transportation is way less stressful than driving, and if I die while walking to the bus stop in the dark, then at least it will be after I've seen Jenny ...

markira said...

I am super glad that I did the bus thing, I just pulled out my Kindle and read the whole way there and back, a friend picked me up and dropped me off...definitely the way to go.