Monday, April 30, 2012

And I Will Drive 5000 Miles...

On 11-26-11, the odometer on the Impala hit:
Today, 4-30-12, it reached:
This averages out to 1,000 miles a month (almost to the -day-, how funky is that?)

According to the Federal Highway Administration, the average annual miles for a female driver in my age group is 11,464.  That puts me at slightly above average. *grins* (Of course, the number of miles I drive is going to slow way down now that sports seasons are over.)

Anyway, thought I'd share because a) I like weird things like this and b) I shudder to think how my Intrepid would have handled the number of miles I have driven in the last five months. Yay for new cars! (Also, wicked cool that my 2004 Impala only has 30,000 miles on it.)

Oh, and another detail that just tickles my fancy...through no deliberate planning, the car rolled to 30,000 just before it rolled into my driveway.  ~mk

p.s. I am amused by the statistics that show that in -every- age group, men drive WAY more miles per year than women.

p.p.s. I posted the 1000 miles/month comment on Facebook and got back some responses about other people having a much higher average. Mind you, these people also work outside the home and have social lives. Personally, I think my average is pretty darn good considering that except for kid-sports, I'm pretty much a hermit. :P

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