Sunday, June 03, 2012

Prom 2012--Part 2

Mark and Nikki had a -wonderful- time at the prom! Yay!!

We went for the preview and OMG. It was just so stunning what they had done with the place...completely unrecognizable as the school gym. Our dances, and even proms, had decorations that consisted of lots n lots of streamers and some balloons, usually some hanging from the basketball hoops. Proms at my son's school have decorations that consist of stuff like this (click to enlarge pics...especially panorama):

Panoramic...first thing I saw. -This- is the -gym-??
The "outdoor cafe."
Entry on the other side of the gym..welcome to Central Park!

The bridge. Lights under the "water". Bridge is functional, you can walk across it.

The "hotel bar."

In the "hotel bar."

The "hotel lobby."

Steps on the bridge.

Another shot of the bridge.

Another angle of the "hotel lobby" with the "mini-golf course" on the right.

Corner of Wall Street and Prom Avenue. :)

Not shown: the parquet dance floor with DJ stage; the chess tables with a phone booth nearby; a closeup of the floor-to-ceiling skyscrapers, which were backlit through the windows; the partition for professional prom pictures with a flowered arch, park bench, lamppost and street signs; the mini-golf course; various pushcarts and a graffiti "wall".

It was overwhelming and stunning and unbelievable and amazing and oh my, what a time these kids will have! mk

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