Sunday, June 03, 2012

Prom 2012--Part 3

Of course, there must be pictures of the boy! Nikki's family is very protective of their privacy, so I didn't include any of him with his date, and also didn't include any of the pics of Mark with his friend Marc, who came over to hang out and get ready with him. BUT, here's my boy in his finery!
Handsome boy...wait, young man.

I shall not smile.

During the father-date 'talk.' Mark said, "Oh, this is the part where I fidget and look nervous, right?"

Obviously had a hard time keeping serious for this talk.

Being a gentleman as he puts Nikki in Marc's car. Kira looks on. :P
Over at Nikki's before they left for the prom was so much fun. Kira and I went in ahead so we could start with the pictures from the time Mark (and Marc) came in, Nikki's appearance, etc. Nikki's stepfather was hysterical, said we had done it all wrong, the father is supposed to open the door, and made the boys go back outside and knock so he could open the door. Then he brought Mark into the living room for the pre-date "father talk" where he asked Mark's intentions for the evening. Mark pretended to be all nervous and gave very respectful responses, all the way up until Dave asked if Mark was planning to be responsible. Mark replied with "Yes, sir" and Dave asked Mark if he brought his responsibility with him that evening. Mark said yes and Dave said he failed, right there.

Apparently "responsibility" is what fathers are calling condoms these days, and Dave said that responsibility better stay right in the wallet. This was hilarious, as Mark and Nikki are more brother & sister than anything else and we all know it, but Dave likes to tease. 

Anyway, there was a LOT of laughing and everyone was just really comfortable and having a good time (we even made sure Marc was included, seeing as he had just met everyone). Wendy and I decided that Marc needed a boutonniere too, so we clipped a couple of flowers and some baby's breath from the flower arrangements Wendy had and wrapped thread around them and pinned them on. (We knew this would not last long and Mark confirmed later that Marc conveniently "lost" it, which was fine...just a way to pull him in, too, and he was a very good sport about it.)

Nikki's dress was gorgeous, a floor-length red "greek goddess" style gown with silver detailing on the bodice and cross-over straps, and she looked so beautiful. Her hair had a braid on one side and lots of curls and ringlets and was just lovely. 

The kids posed good-naturedly for all the photos the moms wanted, and even managed to get going on time. The last thing we saw was the back window of Marc's car rolled down and Mark's arm holding out the umbrella like a sword, yelling "On to the prom!"

And a truly fun time was had by all. mk


La Mode Operandi said...

Handsome man all spiffed up!

Anonymous said...

Hi MK.....
"responsibility better stay right in the wallet".....that was a great one!


markira said...

LMO: *thumbs up* yep!!

Paul: I know! I thought that was awesome.