Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween Carnival '07

The school Halloween Carnival was last night. Because the kids will be with X on Wednesday, this was my only kid-Halloween event for this year. We had a blast. The kids had a lot of fun, I loved watching them and also checking out the really creative costumes people had (one woman came dressed as a snowman). Mark had a fabulous night. He scared people. The little-little kids were really freaked out by him. He was really great, careful to sit down with them and shake their hands and tell them it was just Big Mark in a costume. Even after the kids *knew* who it was, he still freaked them out. It was awesome, lots of good clean fun. Kira went into the haunted house without me, and said it wasn't that bad. (It helped that she knew some of the kids who were running it this year...she said that Justin kept grinning, which I'm sure took some of the scary away.)

After the carnival was a middle-school dance, which Mark stayed for. He came home with three new favorite songs and a line-dance kind of thing. Have you heard of Soulja Boy? I have now (since 9:30 last night) heard this song more times than I thought possible.

So altogether, a highly successful evening. And naturally, pictures. mk

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Jenny said...

Awesome! Love, love, love those costumes.