Friday, July 06, 2007

Sunshine & Fresh Air Exhaust Me

Does anybody have any explanation for that? Seriously. Fresh air is exhausting. I *always* come home totally drained of all energy, with a desperate need (NEED! not just desire) to fall into bed immediately.

We spent the last few days at camp. Went on Tuesday afternoon, hung out for a few minutes until I took Mark to a friend's for an overnight, then Kira and I spent the night at camp. That night we got to sleep upstairs in the big camp, so it was a good bed. Wednesday (the 4th), I picked Mark up in the morning and the whole family (us, my parents, and my sister) spent the entire day and overnight at camp. It was really great. The kids went swimming, Kira biked (Mark doesn't have a bike at camp yet), Mark kayaked, Kira jumped off the float and swam around without her life jacket...and then swam from the float to *shore* without her life jacket...TWICE. (My mom was right there in an

After dinner my cousin Jeff and his family came, everyone had strawberry shortcake and hung out and talked until it was close to time for fireworks. Someone down the road had picked up a *ton* of fireworks (which are illegal in Maine without a license, except sparklers--but these were aallllllllll sparklers...yeah....really really BIG sparklers.)

Someway or another Mark ended up in the inflatable kayak in the lake, and I was in the canoe with my sister and Kira. We tied up at the float for the show. It was pretty awesome. The best part for me was watching the (sparklers) explode in the night sky and seeing the reflection of light on my children in front of me. It was really gorgeous, and very memorable. There was much clapping, whistling and screaming of approval from all the spectators, on and off the water. Very fun.

That night sleeping arrangements were less satisfactory. My parents got the big bed upstairs, of course, and my sister got the pullout couch downstairs in the big camp. Mark slept (alone!) in the middle camp on one of the couches. Kira got the twin bed in the bunkhouse, and she wanted me near her, so I slept on the iron futon that was perpendicular to the bed. Now, if I had CHOSEN, I would not have been able to *find* a more uncomfortable place to sleep, including the ground outside. So I got little-to-no sleep, and none of it was of any quality.

Yesterday morning, when we got home, I was totally and completely wiped out. The kids were exhausted as well (and naturally, neither of them would admit it), and they were still going with their dad that day to go to the camp his wife's parents rent each year for the week. They'll be home tonight, and I can only imagine how overtired they must be at this point. We need a few days' downtime to recuperate from all this fun! I got a three-hour nap yesterday right after they left, and I went to bed at about 7:30, so I'm a little bit better today, but could still use some recharge time.

Still and all, it's been a good week. 54 days left of vacation, too! yay! mk

p.s. Thanks, Jenny, I need now to show everyone the Harry Potter puppet show. mk

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Made me tired just reading this...YAWN...