Thursday, July 26, 2007

Crispy Critter

I am SO sunburned. And of course, it's a farmer tan-ish burn, on my arms up to the short-sleeve mark, a V-neckline shape on my chest, and my face. I am totally screwed for sleeveless for a while.

Got the burn during our day at Funtown/Splashtown on Monday. We had a total blast. Left the house at 8, drove the just-about-two-hours to Saco, got a great parking space right next to the entrance, and proceeded to spend almost TEN HOURS there. The kids were having such a great time that they forgot to get hungry for lunch, and didn't slow down even for a snack until about four-thirty. We finally rolled out of there at almost eight and just went to McD's (which was much better financially, as a tiny little dish of Dippin' Dots ice cream was four freakin' dollars).

I went on a bunch of rides, nearly as many as the kids (not including Splashtown, where I hid under the umbrellas, although apparently I did not take into consideration the reflection from all those pools). My favorite has always been the Astrosphere, which is a scrambler ride in a dome with a lightshow. I accidentally went on the Flying Trapeze (the big swings), which I forgot that I hated because the little chair leans backwards, making me feel like I'm about to fall out. Also loved the Thunder Bolt (see elsewhere as the Flying Bobs), the Tilt-a-Whirl, Flying Teacups, Bumper Boats, Bumper Cars, and the Grand Prix Racers. Went on other stuff, too, but those were my favorites. Fun!

In startling (to me) news, Mark went off to go on some of the "big" water slides, and HOOKED UP WITH GIRLS!! TWICE!!!! Apparently on those rides, they'll pack you into the multi-person rafts until it's full, so while they were waiting, this pack of girls asked Mark if he was with anyone, and when he said no, they said, well you have to go with someone, so I guess you're with us. And these were OLDER girls....THIRTEEN!!! Mark said they were "hot," too.

I actually witnessed the other girls that he met. He had been gone forever, and I wandered over in the hopes of maybe catching a picture of him exiting the chute. Waited, waited, and then looked over and saw him a fair distance off, with a towel and a girl! He introduced her as "Grace," and said that they were looking for Marissa and the Ainsleys (there were two). And away they went again.

A little later he came back (this time with Marissa) and asked if they could all go back into Funtown together. And I actually said okay. (surprised myself there) We met back up at the Dragon's Descent at five.

Well, gotta get ready for my MRI this morning, but here are a few pictures. mk

Ned and I referred to this as the Flintstone walk. This is how the girls carried this thing everywhere.

Mark tells me that he is ready for his driver's license based on driving this.

I think *I* would feel more secure with him in THIS.

Or even this.

Kira was concentrating so hard on this that she forgot to smile. I don't think she realized that the thing was on a track. :D

Practicing her princess wave.

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