Thursday, July 12, 2007

Can I Play Ostrich Now?

Any one of these things would have been enough for me to rate this a bad day:

* Kira woke up today with her eyes crusted shut. Pinkeye. Drops 4 times a day.

* Was informed that within 30 days I must be transferred to a new therapist.

* The only appointment Kira could get today to look at her eyes was during my P/T for my ankle. So Mom took her.

* During P/T, two months after injury, ankle still not healing correctly. Therapist has put a Mulligan taping on to see if that helps any. I go back to the orthopaedist next week.

* Two and a half hours after I called doctor's office to request refill, went in to pharmacy to pick it up and they still had not received call with prescription. Means another trip to town for me to pick it up tomorrow. And no meds today. And I've been putting it off for a little bit until I worked myself up to make the call to the doctor's office.

* Picked up Kira's prescription (at a different pharmacy, naturally--nothing can be simple) to find out that because we had not gotten a "prior authorization" from Kira's PCP (instead, went to her eye doctor, go figure), MaineCare would not cover the prescription and I would have to pay cash price until I could call her PCP and get a PA filed and then go back in a couple days and get refund from pharmacy. This is, of course, after they got done mistaking me for D, whose insurance the kids are under. Much explaining that the kids are under stepmother's primary insurance and my secondary insurance, and that cost for kids' prescriptions cannot be taken out of D's paycheck, as she does not like that.

* Called pediatrician's office to find out that Kira's PCP (and apparently entire staff) is on vacation until Monday.

* Got kids home tonight after they spent the rest of the day at camp with my parents (and I, frankly, avoided people for the rest of the day), and Kira lifted her shirt to show me a godawful rash on her back. And her chest. And along her hairline. I am praying it is heat rash. I called my folks as I was on maxoverload and they turned around and came to my house (had barely left camp) and took a look at it for me, calmed me down some before I completely freaked out, and calmed Kira down, too, as she was catching my freak.

* Speaking of freak, found out that while my dad and Mark were mowing my lawn, Dad told Mark to move the van. My 12-year-old moved the van. By himself. Behind the wheel of a car, with the ignition on and the car in gear. To his credit, he did not hit anything in the fifteen feet he rolled the vehicle forward. To my dad's credit, he was wise enough to not allow Mark to drive the van in reverse when it needed to be moved back. To my credit, I actually remained calm when I was told these things. [this was not actually one of the things that contributed to a bad day, I just had to mention it.]

So. Needless to say, I will be very, VERY glad when today is over. Which it is almost. I need to tuck kids into bed and then I will be free to go to bed myself and get this day behind me.

Tomorrow am supposed to go out boating with kids to see the Windjammer Parade. Hope Kira's rash is better, else might be missing that to go get it checked out.

G'night. Wish me better luck for tomorrow. mk

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Anonymous said...

Poor you! That's bad news about your therapist. Everything happens for a reason... Hope K's rash is clearing up.